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Electrician Calculator Pro™

The best NEC compliant calculator, now available for Android, iOS, and desktop!

NEC compliant

NEC compliant

All calculations are performed according to the NFPA-70 (National Electrical Code) - never have to carry your copy again! Learn more ››

Electrician tools

Easy to use

Unlike other electrician calculators, with the Electrician Calculator Pro you just fill out the required spaces with your values and press to get your result! Learn more ››

Electrician calculator

"... the Electrician Calculator Pro™ is a must-have app for any electrician or engineer..."

–Hearst Electronic Products review

Everything but the kitchen sink

Voltage Drop Calculator

Voltage Drop

Find voltage drop in volts and percent, maximum length or minimum wire gauge. Learn more ››

Ampacity Sizing Calculator

Ampacity Sizing

Find the required gauge by wire ampacity. Learn more ››

Conduit Fill Calculator

Conduit Sizing

Find conduit size by fill percentage or amount of wires. Learn more ››

Motor Full Load Current Calculator

Motor Full Load Current

Find full load current for different kinds of motors. Learn more ››

Ground Conductor Calculator

Ground Conductor

Find a circuit's or service entrance's required ground conductor. Learn more ››

Power Cost Calculator

Power Cost Calculations

Perform power cost calculations. Learn more ››

KVAR Calculator

kVAR Calculations

Find the capacitance required to correct low power factors. Learn more ››

Electrician Tools

Free Updates for Life

We are constantly improving this app, and you will get ALL futures updates absolutely free for life! Learn more ››

Electrician guarantee

Money-back Guarantee

This app includes a money-back guarantee. Learn more ››

Use in your language

Use in Your Own Language

You can use this app in English, Spanish, French, Italian or German. Learn more ››

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